Deaf and Hard of Hearing Differences

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Differences

How is deafness different from hard of hearing? Who you ask and what perspective you take will determine the answer? People within the medical community, for instance, have a strict definition, but people in the deaf or hard-of-hearing communities may have a completely different interpretation.

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What Do Medical Professionals say?

Hearing loss is assessed medically by the outcomes of a hearing test. Hearing tests examine how loud sounds must be across a wide frequency range for you to detect them. Speech understanding is also tested.

Hard-of-hearing people can suffer from mild to severe hearing loss. Hearing Aids from companies such as can help you better your life by increasing your range of hearing via the device.

What The Hearing-impaired Community Has To Say

Cultural definitions differ significantly from medical definitions. According to cultural definitions, a person’s ability to hear has nothing to do with being deaf or hard of hearing. The answer depends on your identity. Do you feel more comfortable around hearing people or deaf people? Many medically deaf people consider themselves culturally deaf as well.

Hard-of-hearing is when a person with a cochlear implant has the implant on and can hear well. In the absence of an implant, they are deaf. Hearing aids have the same effect. Deaf people are unable to hear anything, and hard-of-hearing people have difficulty hearing sounds and speech.

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