About Hue Hearing

HueHearing is a hearing aid manufacturer and distributor with headquarters in San Jose, California. From the date of its founding, HueHearing has passionately pursued the goal of making hearing devices affordable and accessible to all members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. By offering its Hue Hearing aid products at a fraction of the price, HueHearing seeks to push back against the trend of overpriced hearing aids on the market. Unlike the average hearing aid that retails for around $4,000, Hue Hearing aid products and accessories are all priced lower than $1,000. The company is able to offer its wares at such low rates because it works to reduce costs usually associated with selling hearing aids at traditional retail locations. HueHearing avoids overhead costs associated with retailing and other extraneous fees by cutting out the middleman before bringing its products to consumers. HueHearing products are designed and crafted with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. They combine comfortable sizing, next-level digital technology, and customizable ear domes to create a wholly satisfying experience for thousands of customers throughout the country. HueHearing also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and free shipping as proof of its commitment to customer satisfaction and hearing aid accessibility.